Volume 20, Issue 1, June 2018

Table of Contents

Issue 20.1 features two special sections: Special Section on Neglected Tropical Diseases and Human Rights, and Special Section on Judicial Enforcement of Health Rights: Focus on Latin America


Special Section on Neglected Tropical Diseases and Human Rights

in collaboration with Helen Keller International, USA and with financial support from Children’s
Investment Fund Foundation, London, UK

FOREWORD Embodying Law and Embedding Public Health with the Voices of Those Affected: Ending NTDs by 2030
Alice Cruz

EDITORIAL “Equipping Practitioners”: Linking Neglected Tropical Diseases and Human Rights
Joseph J. Amon and David G. Addiss

Addressing Inequity: Neglected Tropical Diseases and Human Rights
Nina Sun and Joseph J. Amon

Emotional Difficulties and Experiences of Stigma among Persons with Lymphatic Filariasis in Plateau State, Nigeria
Jibril Abdulmalik, Emeka Nwefoh, James Obindo, Samuel Dakwak, Motunrayo Ayobola, John
Umaru, Elisha Samuel, Christopher Ogoshi, and Julian Eaton

Building Trust through Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination: A Platform to Address Social
Exclusion and Human Rights in the Dominican Republic
Hunter Keys, Manuel Gonzales, Madsen Beau De Rochars, Stephen Blount, and Gregory S.

A Human Right to Shoes? Establishing Rights and Duties in the Prevention and Treatment of Podoconiosis
Arianne Shahvisi, Enguday Meskele, and Gail Davey

Special Section on Judicial Enforcement of Health Rights: Focus on Latin America

in collaboration with the O’Neill Institute, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA

EDITORIAL Health in the Courts of Latin America
Octávio Luiz Motta Ferraz

Revisiting Health Rights Litigation and Access to Medications in Costa Rica: Preliminary
Evidence from the Cochrane Collaboration Reform
Olman Rodríguez Loaiza, Sigrid Morales, Ole Frithjof Norheim, and Bruce M. Wilson

How the Uruguayan Judiciary Shapes Access to High-Priced Medicines: A Critique through the Right to Health Lens
Lucía Berro Pizzarossa, Katrina Perehudoff, and José Castela Forte

Can Judges Ration with Compassion? A Priority-Setting Rights Matrix
Christopher Newdick

Evolving the Right to Health: Rethinking the Normative Response to Problems of Judicialization
Keith Syrett

Realizing the Fundamental Right to Health through Litigation: The Colombian Case
Aquiles Ignacio Arrieta-Gómez

Individual Health Care Litigation in Brazil Through a Different Lens: Strengthening Health
Technology Assessment and New Models of Health Care Governance
Danielle da Costa Leite Borges

Expanding the Debate: Citizen Participation for the Implementation of the Right to Health in Brazil
Regiane Garcia

Challenges in Priority Setting from a Legal Perspective in Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, and Mexico
Sofía Charvel, Fernanda Cobo, Silvana Larrea, and Juliana Baglietto

Access to Justice in Health Matters: An Analysis Based on the Monitoring Mechanisms of the Inter-American System
Laura Pautassi

General Papers

A Comparison of Health Achievements in Rwanda and Burundi
Hari S. Iyer, Adanna Chukwuma, Jean Claude Mugunga, Anatole Manzi, Melino Ndayizigiye,
and Sudhir Anand

Health, Human Rights, and the Transformation of Punishment: South African Litigation to
address HIV and Tuberculosis in Prisons
Emily Nagisa Keehn and Ariane Nevin

Political Priority for Abortion Law Reform in Malawi: Transnational and National Influences
Judith Daire, Maren O. Kloster, and Katerini T. Storing

Access to Medicines in Times of Conflict: Overlapping Compliance and Accountability
Frameworks for Syria
Brianne McGonigle Leyh and Marie Elske Gispen

Missing: Where Are the Migrants in Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plans?
Kolitha Wickramage, Lawrence O. Gostin, Eric Friedman, Phusit Prakongsai, Rapeepong
Suphanchaimat, Charles Hui, Patrick Duigan, Eliana Barragan, and David Harper

Case Study: Degree of Integration of Disability Rights Into Allied Health Professional Education
Claire Bowley, Ann-Mason Furmage, Kanchan Marcus, and Stephanie D. Short

Inequitable Physical Illness and Premature Mortality for People with Severe Mental Illness in Australia: A Social Analysis
Melanie Edmunds

Cultural Rights and First Nations Health Care in Canada
Stephen Wilmot


Adolescent Rights and the “First 1,000 days” Global Nutrition Movement: A View from
David Flood, Anita Chary, Alejandra Colom, and Peter Rohloff

Full issue, 20.1, June 2018