Volume 23, Issue 2, December 2021

Table of Contents

Issue 23.2 features:


Special Section: Ecological Justice and the Right to Health

In collaboration with Phoenix Zones Initiative

EDITORIAL  Ecological Justice and the Right to Health: An Introduction
Hope R. Ferdowsian

PERSPECTIVE  Beyond Anthropocentrism: Health Rights and Ecological Justice
Himani Bhakuni

PERSPECTIVE Emerging from COVID-19: A New, Rights-Based Relationship with the Nonhuman World?
Mia MacDonald

Slaughterhouse Workers, Animals, and the Environment: The Need for a Rights- Centered Regulatory Framework in the United States That Recognizes Interconnected Interests
Delcianna J. Winders and Elan Abrell

One Health, COVID-19, and a Right to Health for Human and Nonhuman Animals
Laurie Sellars, Kimberly Bernotas, and Jeff Sebo

Human Rights Perspective on Pesticide Exposure and Poisoning in Children: A Case Study of India
Leah Utyasheva and Lovleen Bhullar

Shifting the Moral Burden: Expanding Moral Status and Moral Agency
L. Syd M Johnson

Special Section: Health Rights and the Urgency of the Climate Crisis

EDITORIAL  Health Rights and the Urgency of the Climate Crisis
Carmel Williams and Gillian MacNaughton

Climate Justice, Humans Rights, and the Case for Reparations
Audrey R. Chapman and A. Karim Ahmed

Children, Adolescents, and Youth Pioneering a Human Rights-Based Approach to Climate Change
Giulia Gasparri, Omnia El Omrani, Rachael Hinton, David Imbago, Heeta Lakhani, Anshu Mohan, William Yeung, and Flavia Bustreo

The Right to Health and the Climate Crisis: The Vital Role of Civic Space
David W. Patterson

Challenges to Protecting the Right to Health under the Climate Change Regime
Chuan-Feng Wu

Health Care in a Changing Climate: A Review of Climate Change Laws and National Adaptation Plans in Latin America
Thalia Viveros-Uehara

Crises as Catalyst: A New Social Contract Grounded in Worker Rights
Diane F. Frey, Gillian MacNaughton, Andjela H. Kaur, and Elena K. Taborda


General Papers

PERSPECTIVE  Who Deserves Health Care in a Global Pandemic?
Monica Gagnon, Rebecca Cheff, and Lisa Forman

Ensuring Rights while Protecting Health: The Importance of Using a Human Rights Approach in Implementing Public Health Responses to COVID-19
Sophia A. Zweig, Alexander J. Zapf, Chris Beyrer, Debarati Guha-Sapir, and Rohini J. Haar

A Global Review of Provisions on Emergency Care in National Constitutions
Taylor W. Burkholder, Madeline Ross, Lily Vartanyan, and Harveen Bergquis

Physical Activity as a Human Right?
Sven Messing, Michael Krennerich, Karim Abu-Omar, Susanne Ferschl, and Peter Gelius

The Scales of the European Court of Human Rights: Abortion Restriction in Poland, the European Consensus, and the State’s Margin of Appreciation
Julia Kapelańska-Pręgowska

Charting the Rights of Community Health Workers in India: The Next Frontier of Universal Health Coverage
Janani Shanthosh, Andrea Durbach, and Rohina Joshi

Applying Human Rights and Reducing Coercion in Psychiatry following Service User-Led Education: A Qualitative Study
Susanna Every-Palmer, Leah Kininmonth, Giles Newton-Howes, and Sarah Gordon

Building the Evidence for a Rights-Based, People-Centered, Gender-Transformative Tuberculosis Response: An Analysis of the Stop TB Partnership Community, Rights, and Gender Tuberculosis Assessment
Brian Citro, Viorel Soltan, James Malar, Thandi Katlholo, Caoimhe Smyth, Ani Herna Sari, Olya Klymenko, and Maxime Lunga

Letter to the Editor

Privacy, Equity, and Human Rights Challenges in Public Health Surveillance
Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup and Sara Jordan

Volume 23/2, December 2021