Volume 21, Issue 1, June 2019

Table of Contents

Issue 21.1 features:

  • Special Section on Global Health Fieldwork Ethics and Human Rights
  • Special Section on Invoking Health and Human Rights in the United States
  • General Papers


Special Section on Global Health Fieldwork Ethics and Human Rights

in collaboration with Agnes Scott College, the Task Force for Global Health, and Emory University Rollins School of Public Health

EDITORIAL  Global Health Fieldwork Ethics: Mapping the Challenges
Rachel Hall-Clifford, David G. Addiss, Robert Cook-Deegan, and James V. Lavery

Ethically Managing Risks in Global Health Fieldwork: Human Rights Ideals Confront Real World Challenges
Rachel Hall-Clifford and Robert Cook-Deegan

Apology and Unintended Harm in Global Health
David G. Addiss and Joseph J. Amon

An Assessment of Human Rights-Based Approaches to Health Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Among Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Locally Employed Staff
Izraelle McKinnon, Aun Lor, and Dabney P. Evans

COMMENTARY Institutionalizing Ethical Review in Global Health Practice: A Modest Proposal
David Ross

Ethics of Global Health Photography: A Focus on Being More Human
Aubrey Graham, James V. Lavery, and Robert Cook-Deegan

Results Communication in Breast Milk Biomonitoring Studies: A Scoping Review and Stakeholder Consultation
Alyssa Mari Thurston, Federico Andrade-Rivas, and Jerry M. Spiegel

Ethical Considerations for Disseminating Research Findings on Gender-Based Violence, Armed Conflict, and Mental Health: A Case Study from Rural Uganda
Jennifer J. Mootz, Lauren Taylor, Milton L. Wainberg, and Kaveh Khoshnood

Documenting the Impact of Conflict on Women Living in Internally Displaced Persons Camps in Sri Lanka: Some Ethical Considerations
Shana Swiss, Peggy J. Jennings, K. G. K. Weerarathne, and Lori Heise

Witnessing Obstetric Violence during Fieldwork: Notes from Latin America
Arachu Castro

The Lived Experience of Global Public Health Practice: A Phenomenological Account of Women Graduate Students
Corey McAuliffe, Ross Upshur, Daniel W. Sellen, and Erica Di Ruggiero

COMMENTARY  Where There Is No Hashtag: Considering Gender-Based Violence in Global Health Fieldwork in the Time of #MeToo
Rachel Hall-Clifford

COMMENTARY #MeToo Meets Global Health: A Call to Action
A statement by participants of the global health fieldwork ethics workshop, April 2018

STUDENT PAPER  Ethical Challenges in Medical Community Internships: Perspectives from Medical Interns in the Philippines
Aimee Lorraine C. Capinpuyan and Red Thaddeus D. Miguel

STUDENT PAPER Addressing Ethical Quandaries in Undergraduate Student-Led Global Health Trips: Design, Implementation, and Challenges of Guidelines by Students for Students
Jacob Armato, Laura Block, Mason Flannagan, Eric Obscherning, and Lori Diprete Brown

Special Section on Invoking Health and Human Rights in the United States

INTRODUCTION Invoking Health and Human Rights in the United States: Museums, Classrooms, and Community-Based Participatory Research
Sarah S. Willen

Health Is a Human Right—at CDC?
Sarah S. Willen

Mobilizing Health Metrics for the Human Right to Water in Flint and Detroit, Michigan
Nadia Gaber

Teaching Health as a Human Right in the Undergraduate Context: Challenges and Opportunities
Bisan A. Salhi and Peter J. Brown

General Papers

Tomorrow’s Stewards: The Case for a Unified International Framework on the Environmental Rights of Children
Karen E. Makuch, Sunya Zaman, and Miriam R. Aczel

Asylum Medicine: Standard and Best Practices
Hope Ferdowsian, Katherine McKenzie, and Amy Zeidan

The Role of Gender in the Health and Human Rights Practices of Police: The SHIELD Study in Tijuana, Mexico
Teresita Rocha-Jiménez, Maria Luisa Mittal, Irina Artamonova, Pieter Baker, Javier Cepeda, Mario Morales, Daniela Abramovitz, Erika Clairgue, Arnulfo Bañuelos, Thomas Patterson, Steffanie Strathdee, and Leo Beletsky

The Impact of the Presidential Alternative Treatment Program on People Living with HIV and the Gambian HIV Response
Sarah L. Bosha, Michelle Adeniyi, Jenna Ivan, Roya Ghiaseddin, Fabakary Minteh, Lamin F. Barrow, and Rex Kuye

Two Row Wampum, Human Rights, and the Elimination of Tuberculosis from High-Incidence Indigenous Communities
Richard Long, Courtney Heffernan, Melissa Cardinal-Grant, Amber Lynn, Lori Sparling, Dorilda Piche, Mara Nokohoo, and Diane Janvier

RESEARCH PROTOCOL Assessing a Human Rights-Based Approach to HIV in Kenya
Neiloy R. Sircar, Tabitha G. Saoyo, and Allan A. Maleche

BOOK REVIEW Assessing Human Rights in Global Health Governance
Julie Hannah

BOOK REVIEW Being Bold about Rights in a Neoliberal World
Audrey Chapman

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