Volume 23, Issue 1, June 2021

Table of Contents

Issue 23.1 features:


Special Section: Public and Mental Health, Human Rights, and Atrocity Prevention

In collaboration with the Cardozo Law Institute in Holocaust and Human Rights

EDITORIAL  Proven Concepts in New Contexts: Applying Public Health, Mental Health, and Human Rights Strategies to Atrocity Prevention
Jocelyn Getgen Kestenbaum, Arlan Fuller, Caitlin Mahoney, and Amy Meade

Disrupting Legacies of Trauma: Interdisciplinary Interventions for Health and Human Rights
Joan Simalchik

Safeguarding the Lives of Children Affected by Boko Haram: Application of the SAFE Model of Child Protection to a Rights-Based Situation Analysis
Rosie O’Connor, Theresa S. Betancourt, and Ngozi V. Enelamah

The Right to Mental Health in Yemen: A Distressed and Ignored Foundation for Peace
Waleed Alhariri, Amanda McNally, and Sarah Knuckey

Monitoring Attacks on Health Care as a Basis to Facilitate Accountability for Human Rights Violations
Benjamin Mason Meier, Hannah Rice, and Shashika Bandara

VIEWPOINT Addressing the Boko Haram-Induced Mental Health Burden in Nigeria
Adewale Olusola Adeboye

Quantifying the Ripple Effects of Civil War: How Armed Conflict is Associated with More Severe Violence in the Home
Jocelyn T. D. Kelly, Elizabeth Colantuoni, Courtland Robinson, and Michele R. Decker

Teaching Truth in Transitional Justice: A Collaborative Approach to Supporting Colombian Educators
Gabriel Velez

Societal Healing in Rwanda: Toward a Multisystemic Framework for Mental Health, Social Cohesion, and Sustainable Livelihoods among Survivors and Perpetrators of the Genocide against the Tutsi
Alexandros Lordos, Myria Ioannou, Eugène Rutembesa, Stefani Christoforou, Eleni Anastasiou, and Thröstur Björgvinsson

General Papers

PERSPECTIVE  We Cannot Win the Access to Medicines Struggle Using the Same Thinking That Causes the Chronic Access Crisis
Gaëlle Krikorian and Els Torreele

Addressing the Risks That Trade Secret Protections Pose for Health and Rights
Allison Durkin, Patricia Anne Sta Maria, Brandon Willmore, and Amy Kapczynski

PERSPECTIVE  Should COVID-19 Vaccines Authorized for Emergency Use Be Considered “Essential” Medicines?
Maxwell J. Smith, Lisa Forman, Michael Parker, Katrina Perehudoff, Belinda Rawson, and Sharifah Sekalala

Supreme Court v. Necropolitics: The Chaotic Judicialization of COVID-19 in Brazil
João Biehl, Lucas E. A. Prates, and Joseph J. Amon

Is Mandatory Vaccination for COVID-19 Constitutional under Brazilian Law?
Daniel Wei Liang Wang, Gabriela Moribe, and Ana Luisa Gajardoni de M. Arruda

Accountability for the Rights of People with Psychosocial Disabilities: An Assessment of Country Reports for the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Julian Eaton, Aleisha Carroll, Nathaniel Scherer, Lucy Daniel, Michael Njenga, Charlene Sunkel, Kirsty Thompson, Diane Kingston, Gulshan Ara Khanom, and Sean Dryer

PERSPECTIVE  Safe Abortion in Women’s Hands: Autonomy and a Human Rights Approach to COVID-19 and Beyond
Andrés López Cabello and Ana Cecilia Gaitán

Toward Human Rights and Evidence-Based Legal Frameworks for (Self-Managed) Abortion: A Review of the Last Decade of Legal Reform
Lucía Berro Pizzarossa and Patty Skuster

Indigenous Birth as Ceremony and a Human Right
Ashley Hayward and Jaime Cidro

Gender Inequality, Health Rights, and HIV/ AIDs among Women Prisoners in Zimbabwe
Nirmala Pillay, Dzimbabwe Chimbga, and Marie Claire van Hout

Fault Lines of Refugee Exclusion: Statelessness, Gender, and COVID-19 in South Asia
Roshni Chakraborty and Jacqueline Bhabha

Sanctioning Chile’s Public Health Care System for Not Providing Basic Services to the Elderly: The Inter-American Court’s Poblete Vilches Ruling
Ángela Arenas Massa, Marilú Budinich Villouta, and Carolina Riveros Ferrada

Decolonizing Health Governance: A Uganda Case Study on the Influence of Political History on Community Participation
Moses Mulumba, Ana Lorena Ruano, Katrina Perehudoff, and Gorik Ooms

Virtual Roundtable

Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Access
Els Torreele and Joseph J. Amon

Book Reviews

Global LGBTI Rights: Between Homonationalism, Homoromanticism and Homocapitalism
Kaveri Qureshi

Dissident Blood: Using Critical Feminist Study to Advance the Health and Human Rights of Menstruators
Caitlin R. Williams, Ashley Huff, and Benjamin Mason Meier

Decolonizing Public Health Requires an Epistemic Reformation
Bram Wispelwey

Complete Issue: June 2021, Volume 23, Issue 1