Volume 16, Issue 2

December 2014

Special Issue on Health Rights Litigation


Table of Contents and Masthead

Promoting Equity in Health: What Role for Courts?
Alicia Ely Yamin

In Memoriam: Giulia Tamayo, 1958-2014
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Alicia Ely Yamin 

Health Rights in the Balance: The Case Against Perinatal Shackling of Women Behind Bars
Abstract | HTML | PDF
Brett Dignam and Eli Y. Adashi

Sex Workers, Unite! (Litigating for Sex Workers’ Freedom of Association in Russia)
Abstract | HTML | PDF
F. S. E. (Freddie) Arps and Mikhail Golichenko

Sanitation Rights, Public Law Litigation, and Inequality: A Case Study from Brazil
Abstract | HTML | PDF
Ana Paula de Barcellos

Health Rights Litigation and Access to Medicines: Priority Classification of Successful Cases from Costa Rica’s Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court
Abstract | HTML | PDF
Ole Frithjof Norheim and Bruce M. Wilson

Litigating the Right to Health: What Can We Learn from a Comparative Law and Health Care Systems Approach
Abstract | HTML | PDF
Colleen M. Flood and Aeyal Gross

Striking a Balance: Conscientious Objection and Reproductive Health Care from the Colombian Perspective
Abstract | HTML | PDF
Luisa Cabal, Monica Arango Olaya, and Valentina Montoya Robledo

Health Rights Litigation Pushes for Accountability in Clinical Trials in India
Abstract | HTML | PDF
Carolijn Terwindt

Right to Health Encompasses Right to Access Essential Generic Medicines: Challenging the 2008 Anti-Counterfeit Act in Kenya
Abstract | HTML | PDF

Allan Maleche and Emma Day