Book Brief: The Growing Global Public Health Crisis and How to Address It

David H. Stone
Radcliffe Publishing (April 2012)
ISBN 9781846194719
254 pages

In The Growing Global Public Health Crisis and How to Address It, David Stone writes about the current state of global health and explains why such issues are relevant all countries. In a well-organized manner, Stone systematically covers some of the broadest areas of global public health, evidence from his introduction which defines his concept of global public health to the succinct summaries he provides at the end of each section.

Specifically, Stone not only highlights the biggest crises in public health and identifies the problems faced by vulnerable populations, but he also gives suggestions in developing an overarching strategy and mindset to approaching these issues. Additionally, he provides a holistic view of global health by connecting many other issues to their roots in health. Touching upon issues of sustainability, poverty, and societal conditions, he highlights many contributive factors of health inequalities.

Stone’s optimistic proposals and ideas for tackling these global health crises provide a thought-provoking point of view. Juxtaposing the challenges in global public health, such as persistent infectious disease, exorbitant health care costs, and malnutrition, with proposals to combat them, Stone lends a hopeful note to the topic, as his practical proposals are backed by charters and declarations as well as concrete case studies and explanations.

This book should appeal most both public health practitioners and those looking to gain a broader understanding of the problems and possible solutions facing global public health. Stone provides an enlightening argument for why health crises and access to health care ought to be universal concerns.