Volume 5, Issue 2, 2001

Special Focus: Children’s Health and Children’s Rights

Front Matter


A World Fit for Children: Are the World’s Leaders Being Passed on the Fast Lane?

       Sofia Gruskin


Law, Violence, and the Girl Child

       Kirti Singh and Diviya Kapur

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Latin America

       Maria Raguz

The Relevance of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child for United States Domestic Policy: Welfare Reform and Children in Immigrant Families

       Jennifer Kasper and Paul Wise

Economic Exploitation and the Health Rights of Children: Towards A Rights- Oriented Public Health Approach

       David Parker and Sarah Bachman

The Right to Health of Children and the World Bank

       Curtis Francis Doebbler


A Human Rights Approach to Public Health: WHO Capacity Building in the Area of Children’s Rights

       Tomris Tuirmen, Hans Troedsson, and Marcus Stahlhofer

Children and Their Right to Enjoy Health: A Brief Report on the Monitoring Activities of the Committee on the Rights of the Child

       Jaap E. Doek


SOUL BUDDYZ: A Children’s Rights Mass Media Campaign in South Africa

       Susan Goldstein, Aadielah Anderson, Shereen Usdin, and Garth Japhet


The Convention on the Rights of the Child