Volume 15, Issue 2


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The post-2015 development agenda, human rights, evidence, and open-access publishing

Carmel Williams

Human rights in patient care: A themed issue

         Tamar Ezer

Special Issue Articles in Collaboration with Open Society Foundations

Human Rights in Patient Care
Human rights in patient care: A theoretical and practical framework
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Jonathan Cohen and Tamar Ezer

Implementation of patients’ rights legislation in the Republic of Macedonia: Gaps and disparities
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Gabriela Alcheva, Filip Gerovski, Leo Beletsky

Overview of the gaps in the health care legislation in Georgia: Short-, medium-, and long-term priorities
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Nino Kiknadze and Leo Beletsky

Identifying the gaps: Armenian health care legislation and human rights in patient care protections
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Violeta Zopunyan, Suren Krmoyan, Ryan Quinn

Advancing human rights in patient care through higher education in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Tamar Ezer and Judy Overall

Advancing human rights in patient care through strategic litigation: Challenging medical confidentiality issues in countries in transition
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Susie Talbot

General Health and Human Rights Articles

“Small places close to home”: Toward a health and human rights strategy for the US
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Elizabeth Tobin Tyler

Incorporating a right to health perspective into the resolution of patent law disputes
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Emmanuel Kolawole Oke

Barriers to accessing and receiving mental health care in Eastern Cape, South Africa
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Isabell Schierenbeck, Peter Johansson, Lena M. C. Andersson, Dalena van Rooyen

Compulsory drug detention centers in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos: Health and human rights abuses
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Joseph J. Amon, Richard Pearshouse, Jane Cohen, Rebecca Schleifer

How do social determinants affect human trafficking in Southeast Asia, and what can we do about it? A systematic review
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Kelsey McGregor Perry and Lindsay McEwing

A rights-based approach to indoor air pollution
Abstract | HTML | PDF

         Jamie Lim, Stephen Petersen, Dan Schwarz, Ryan Schwarz, Duncan Maru

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Recent health and human rights literature

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Photo by Sven Torfinn – Panos for the Open Society Foundations

“William, a paralegal living with HIV in Gayaza, Uganda, talks with a woman whose in-laws have threatened to take her property because she has HIV.”