Volume 14, Issue 1


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Paul Farmer, Arlan Fuller


Pillars for progress on the right to health: Harnessing the potential of human rights through a Framework Convention on Global Health
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Eric A. Friedman, Lawrence O. Gostin

Bridging international law and rights-based litigation: Mapping health-related rights through the development of the Global Health and Human Rights Database
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Benjamin Mason Meier, Oscar A. Cabrera, Ana Ayala, Lawrence O. Gostin

Between the court and the clinic: Lawsuits for medicines and the right to health in Brazil
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João Biehl, Joseph A. Amon, Mariana P. Socal, Adriana Petryna

New Zealand’s National Health and Disability Advocacy Service: A successful model of

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Jean Drage

Brazilian policy responses to violence against women: Government strategy and the help-seeking behaviors of women who experience violence
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Ligia Kiss, Ana Flavia d’Oliveira, Cathy Zimmerman, Lori Heise, Lilia Blima Schraiber, Charlotte Watts

Child rights, water rights and human security
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Ross Pink

Filling the gap: A Learning Network for Health and Human Rights in the Western Cape, South Africa
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Leslie London, Nicolé Fick, Khai Hoan Tram, Maria Stuttaford

Human rights from the grassroots up: Vermont’s campaign for universal health care
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Mariah McGill

Book Reviews

Recent health and human rights literature

Judith Fitzpatrick, Kathy Wang


Photo by Angela Duger, FXB Center for Health and Human Rights