Volume 15, Issue 1

Realizing the Right to Health Through a Framework Convention on Global Health? 



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Eric A. Friedman, Jashodhara Dasgupta, Alicia Ely Yamin, Lawrence O. Gostin

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Timothy G. Evans

Special Issue Articles

Accountability for realizing the right to health

Effective access to justice against state and nonstate actors in the Framework Convention on Global Health: A proposal
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Martín Hevia, Carlos Herrera Vacaflor

Global health rights: Employing human rights to develop and implement the Framework Convention on Global Health
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Lance Gable and Benjamin Mason Meier

Respecting the right to access to medicines: Implications of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights for the pharmaceutical industry
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Suerie Moon

Traditional/alternative medicines and the right to health: Key elements for a convention on global health
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Emmanuel Kabengele Mpinga, Tshimungu Kandolo, Henk Verloo, Ngoyi K. Zacharie Bukonda, Ngianga-Bakwin Kandala, Philippe Chastonay

Global health funding and governance

Funding global health
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Sophie Smyth and Anna Triponel

Advancing the right to health through global organizations: The potential role of a Framework Convention on Global Health
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Eric A. Friedman, Lawrence O. Gostin, Kent Buse

Civil society and social mobilization; choice of a treaty

The Framework Convention on Global Health: A tool for empowering the HIV/AIDS movements in Senegal and South Africa
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Ella Scheepers

Leveraging HIV-related human rights achievements through a Framework Convention on Global Health
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Kent Buse, Patrick Eba, Jason Sigurdson, Kate Thomson, Susan Timberlake

Will the struggle for health equity and social justice be best served by a Framework Convention on Global Health?
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Leigh Haynes, David Legge, Leslie London, David McCoy, David Sanders, Claudio Schuftan

Dark sides of the proposed Framework Convention on Global Health’s many virtues: A systematic review and critical analysis
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Steven J. Hoffman and John-Arne Røttingen

General Health and Human Rights Articles

Farm labor, reproductive justice: Migrant women farmworkers in the US
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Charlene Galarneau 

Atmospheric Pressure: Russian drug policy as a driver for violations of the UN Convention against Torture and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
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Mikhail Golichenko and Anya Sarang

Human rights versus legal control over women’s reproductive self-determination
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Diya Uberoi and Maria de Bruyn

The ghosts of user fees past: Exploring accountability for victims of a 30-year economic policy mistake
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Rick Rowden

Toward a legal framework that promotes and protects sex workers’ health and human rights
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Cheryl Overs, Bebe Loff


Photo by Angela Duger, FXB Center for Health and Human Rights