Volume 12, Issue 2


Social determinants of health: Convergences and disjunctures

Table of contents and frontmatter

Collaborative imperatives, elusive dialogues [editorial]

          Alicia Ely Yamin, Alec Irwin

Critical Concepts

The right to sutures: Social epidemiology, human rights, and social justice
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          Sridhar Venkatapuram, Ruth Bell, Michael Marmot

The social determinants of health, health equity, and human rights
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          Audrey R. Chapman

Social conditions, health equity, and human rights
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          Paula Braveman

Health and Human Rights in Practice

Realizing human rights-based approaches for action on the social determinants of health
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          Kumanan Rasanathan, Johanna Norenhag, Nicole Valentine

Human rights assessment in Parc Jean Marie Vincent, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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          Kimberly A. Cullen, Louise C. Ivers

Correlates of violence in Guinea’s Maison Centrale Prison: A statistical approach in documenting human rights abuses
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          Ronald E. Osborn

Developing human rights-based strategies to improve health among female sex workers in Rwanda
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          Agnès Binagwaho, Mawuena Agbonyitor, Aimable Mwananawe, Placidie Mugwaneza, Alec Irwin, Corine Karema

Nurses’ impoliteness as an impediment to patients’ rights in selected Kenyan hospitals
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Benson Oduor Ojwang, Emily Atieno Ogutu, Peter Maina Matu

Human rights consequences of mandatory HIV screening policy of newcomers to Canada
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          Laura M. Bisaillon

Sex trafficking and health care in Metro Manila: Identifying social determinants to inform an effective health system response
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          Timothy P. Williams, Elaine J. Alpert, Roy Ahn, Elizabeth Cafferty, Wendy Macias Konstantopoulos, Nadya Wolferstan, Judith Palmer Castor, Anita M. McGahan, Thomas F. Burke