Volume 12, Issue 1


“International assistance and cooperation” and health and human rights obligations beyond borders

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Jennifer Leaning

Critical Concepts

Our place in the world: Conceptualizing obligations beyond borders in human rights-based approaches to health
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Alicia Ely Yamin

Informed consent: Enforcing pharmaceutical companies’ obligations abroad
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Stacey B. Lee

Taking up Daniels’ challenge: The case for global health justice
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Gorik Ooms, Rachel Hammonds

Making health an imperative of foreign policy: The value of a human rights approach
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Flavia Bustreo, Curtis F. J. Doebbler

International obligations through collective rights: Moving from foreign health assistance to global health governance
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        Benjamin Mason Meier, Ashley M. Fox

International assistance and cooperation for access to essential medicines
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Emily A. Mok

Health and Human Rights in Practice

Allies unknown: Social accountability and legal empowerment
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Vivek Maru

Holding the World Bank accountable for leakage of funds from Africa’s health sector
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Fatma E. Marouf

A one-time-only combination: Emergency medicine exports under Canada’s access to medicines regime
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Ashley Weber, Lisa Mills

Partnership, sex, and marginalization: Moving the Global Fund sexual orientation and gender identities agenda
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Andy Seale, Anurita Bains, Sam Avrett

Essential surgery: Integral to the right to health
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K. A. Kelly McQueen, Doruk Ozgediz, Robert Riviello, Renee Y. Hsia, Sudha Javaraman, Stephen R. Sullivan, John G. Meara