Health and Human Rights Journal SDG SERIES


Essays and blogs published in September 2015


Introduction: What might SDGs mean for human rights and health? by Carmel Williams and Alison Blaiklock

SDGs and the Importance of Formal Independent Review: An Opportunity for Health to Lead the Way by Paul Hunt

Universal Health Coverage and the Right to Health by Audrey Chapman

The Slippery Target for Child Survival in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by Elizabeth Gibbons

SDG SERIES: Inconsistent translation from science to practice: SDGs and the health impacts of climate change by Cecilia Sorensen and Jay Lemery

SDG SERIES: Leaving No One Behind: Human Rights and Accountability are Fundamental to Addressing Disparities in Sexual and Reproductive Health by Rebecca Brown

SDG Treatment of TB and the Right to Health is woefully inadequate by Brian Citro

The SDG on Decent Work: Human Right or Business as Usual? By Gillian MacNaughton and Diane Frey

SDGs Adopting a Rights-based Approach to Human Trafficking by Angela Duger

SDGs vs Trade Agreements: Not a Fair Fight by Fran Quigley

SDGs in the Face of a Global Refugee Crisis: Leaving millions behind? By Lena Kähler and Maria Kristiansen

Transforming our World: Reflections on the Sustainable Development Goal for Peace by Donna Perry, Christian Guillermet Fernández, David Fernández Puyana

Are SDGs the Vehicle to End AIDS by 2030? Only if Driven by Human Rights by Allan Maleche

The World’s Poor are Being Denied the Right to Share in Scientific Advancement by Gavin Yamey

Opportunities for Realizing the Child’s Right to Health Under the SDGs by Jennifer J. K. Rasanathan, Benjamin Mason Meier, Kumanan Rasanathan

The Access to Medicine Index and Accountability of Pharmaceutical Companies by Damiano de Felice and Danny Edwards

Progress on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene through SDG 6? Only if the Focus Shifts to Eliminating Inequalities by Inga Winkler and Virginia Roaf

With SDGs Now Adopted, Human Rights Must Inform Implementation and Accountability by Carmel Williams and Alison Blaiklock

National Health Equity Strategies to Implement the Promise of SDGs by Eric A. Friedman