Health and Human Rights Journal COP21 SERIES

Essays and Blogs published October-December 2015
Mary Robinson Introduces the COP21 SERIES: Climate change, COP21, and the right to health By Mary Robinson

COP21 SERIES A symbiotic relationship: Sustainable Development Goals and COP21 By Cecilia Sorensen and Jay Lemery

COP21 SERIES Reshaping the landscape: The geography of human rights, climate change, and disasters By Jean Carmalt

COP21 SERIES: Climate Change Contributes To Collective Violence By Barry S. Levy and Victor W. Sidel

COP21 SERIES: Tackling Climate Change is Great for Global Health By Gay Keating

COP21 SERIES: Designers Should Be Health Advocates at the Paris Negotiations By Adele Houghton

COP21: The Impact of Climate Change on the World’s Marginalized Populations: Turkana County, Kenya By Katharina Rall, Brooke Guven, and Joseph J. Amon

COP21 SERIES: Human Rights in the Paris Agreement—A Key Opportunity to Protect Health and the Rights of Those Most Vulnerable to Climate Change By Abby Rubinson

COP21 SERIES: Will developed countries recognize their right-to-health obligations in Paris? By Alison Blaiklock

COP21 SERIES: Free trade undermines our right to health and the fight against climate change By Alexia Fourage

COP21 SERIES: Divestment from Fossil Fuels Promotes Climate Change Mitigation and Protection of the Right to Health By Alice Munro

COP21 SERIES: After Paris: hope and fears for justice and a healthy climate By Alison Blaiklock

COP21 SERIES: Uniting Local Voices to Amplify the Need for Climate Action By Leigh Haynes