Volume 9, Issue 2, 2006

Front Matter and Editor’s Note

Front Matter

Editor’s Farewell

Sofia Gruskin


Rights-Based Approaches to Health: Something for Everyone

Sofia Gruskin

Field Research

Health, Human Rights, and Malaria Control: Historical Background and Current Challenges

Paula E. Brentlinger

Identifying the Links between Violence against Women and HIV/AIDS: Ecosocial and Human Rights Frameworks Offer Insight into US Prevention Policies

Michelle Teti, Mariana Chilton, Linda Lloyd, Susan Rubinstein

Invoking Health and Human Rights to Ensure Access to Legal Abortion: The Case of a Nine-Year-Old Girl from Nicaragua

Heathe Luz McNaughton Reyes, Charlotte E. Hord, Ellen M. H. Mitchell, Marta Maria Blandon

Human Rights Abuses and Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS: The Experiences of Burmese Women in Thailand

Karen Leiter, Voravit Suwanvanichkij, Ingrid Tamm, Vincent Iacopino, Chris Beyrer

Selective Adaptation and Human Rights to Health in China

Lesley Jacobs, Pitman B. Potter

The Peruvian Truth Commission’s Mental Health Reparations: Empowering Survivors of Political Violence to Impact Public Health Policy

Lisa J. Laplante, Miryam Rivera Holguin

Evaluating Asylum Seekers/Torture Survivors in Urban Primary Care: A Collaborative Approach at the Bronx Human Rights Clinic

Ramin G. Asgary, Eva E. Metalios, Clyde L. Smith, Gerald A. Paccione


Balancing Protection and Pragmatism: A Framework for NGO Accountability in Rights-Based Approaches

Susannah Mayhew, Megan Douthwaite, Michael Hammer

Developing a Measure of Dignity for Stress-Related Health Outcomes

Mariana Chilton

Models of Resistance: “Victims” Lead

Theresa M. McGovern

Accountability for the Health Consequences of Human Rights Violations: Methodological Issues in Determining Compensation

Mey Akashah, Stephen P. Marks

Making the Grade: A First Attempt at a Health and Human Rights Report Card

Dabney P. Evans, Megan E. Price, Tarun L. Gulrajani, Alan R. Hinman


Health and Human Rights Education in Academic Settings

Daniel Tarantola, Sofia Gruskin


Back Matter