Volume 8, Issue 2, 2005

Front Matter


The More Things Change…

Sofia Gruskin, Ralf Jürgens

Roundtable on Scaling up HIV Testing

                     Sofia Gruskin

                     M. J. Heywood

                     Kristi Kenyon

                     The International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS

                     Ruth Macklin

                     Kevin M. De Cock

                     Daniel Tarantola

                     UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights


Prisoners Who Inject Drugs: Public Health and Human Rights Imperatives

Ralf Jürgens, Glenn Betteridge

On a Never-Ending Waiting List: Toward Equitable Access to Anti-Retroviral Treatment? Experiences from Zambia

Peris Sean Jones

Harm Reduction, HIV/AIDS, and the Human Rights Challenge to Global Drug Control Policy

        Richard Elliott, Joanne Csete, Evan Wood, Thomas Kerr

HIV and Domestic Violence: Intersections in the Lives of Married Women in India

Sapna Desai

Getting Global Funds to Those Most in Need: The Thai Drug Users’ Network

Thomas Kerr, Karyn Kaplan, Paisan Suwannawong, Evan Wood

East-West Fusion: Cross-Border Human Rights Activism and the Thai Drug Users’ Network

Sheri Fink


Rights Matter: Structural Interventions and Vulnerable Communities

Dennis Altman

HIV/AIDS and Individuals with Disability

Nora Ellen Groce


International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS


Back Matter