Volume 7, Issue 2, 2004

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                     Sofia Gruskin

                     Alice M. Miller, Carole S. Vance


Sexuality, Violence against Women, and Human Rights: Women Make Demands and Ladies Get Protection

Alice M. Miller

Bracketing Sexuality: Human Rights and Sexual Orientation: A Decade of Development and Denial at the UN

Ignacio Saiz

(Dis)Continuities of Custom in Zimbabwe and South Africa: The Implications for Gendered and Sexual Rights

Oliver Phillips

When Doctors Torture: The Anus and the State in Egypt and Beyond

Scott Long

The Articulation of Rights around Sexuality and Health: Subaltern Queer Cultures in India in the Era of Hindutva

Arvind Narrain


Not Your Average Sex Story: Critical Issues in Recent Human Rights Reporting Related to Sexuality

Cynthia Rothschild

Prohibiting Sex Work Projects, Restricting Women’s Rights: The International Impact of the 2003 U.S. Global AIDS Act

Penelope Saunders

Interrogating the Absence of HIV/AIDS Interventions for Migrant Sex Workers in South Korea

Sealing Cheng

Sexuality Scholarship as a Foundation for Change: Lawrence v. Texas and the Impact of the Historians’ Brief

Daniel Hurewitz

Youth, Sexuality, and Human Rights: Some Reflections from Mexico

Lydia I. Alpízar D., Marina Bernal G.

Case Studies

Sex Work and Migration: The Dangers of Oversimplification: A Case Study of Vietnamese Women in Cambodia

Joanna Busza

Integrating Rights-Based Approaches into Community-Based Health Projects: Experiences from the Prevention of Female Genital Cutting Project in East Africa

Susan Igras, Jacinta Muteshi, Asmelash WoldeMariam, Saida Ali


Sexuality and Human Rights

Susana T. Fried


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