Volume 6, Issue 2, 2003

Special Focus: Violence, Health, and Human Rights

Front Matter


Violence Prevention: Bringing Health and Human Rights Together

       Sofia Gruskin and Alexander Butchart


Violence, Health, and Human Rights: Toward a Shared Agenda for Prevention

       Gro Harlem Brundtland


Homicide Rates and Human Rights Violations in Sao Paulo, Brazil: 1990 to 2000

       Nancy Cardia, Sergio Adorno, and Frederico Z. Poleto

Preventing Child Maltreatment: An Integrated, Multisectoral Approach

       John W. Kydd

Integrating Human Rights and Public Health to Prevent Interpersonal Violence

       Alison Phinney and Sarah de Hovre

Violence Against Women

       Susana T. Fried

Responding to Violence Against Women: WHO’s Multicountry Study on Women’s Health and Domestic Violence

       C. Garcia-Moreno, C. Watts, H. Jansen, M. Ellsberg, and L. Heise

Suicide and Human Rights: A Suicidologist’s Perspective

       Antoon A. Leenaars

Human Rights and Conflict

       Jennifer Leaning

Roundtable Discussion: People’s Right to Safety (a selection)

Introduction: Safety as a Human Right

       Dinesh Mohan

Advancing Safety as a Fundamental Human Rights

       Garth Stevens

Response to the Discussants

       Dinesh Mohan

Montreal Declaration: People’s Right to Safety


The Role of Nucleo de Estudo da Violencia in the Struggle for Universal Access to Human Rights in Brazil

       Nancy Cardia

Using Social Justice, Public Health, and Human Rights to Prevent Violence in South Africa

       Garth Stevens