Volume 6, Issue 1, 2002

Front Matter

HIV- and AIDS-Related Stigma, Discrimination, and Human Rights: A Critical Overview

Miriam Maluwa, Peter Aggleton, Richard Parker

The Last Resort: Exploring the Use of DNA Testing for Family Reunification

J. Taitz, J. E. M. Weekers, D. T. Mosca

Challenges and Possibilities for Innovative Praxis in Health and Human Rights: Reflections from Peru

Alicia Ely Yamin

Lethal Injection and the Medicalization of Capital Punishment in the United States

Jonathan Groner

Cloning, Health, and Human Rights

Human Rights Assumptions of Restrictive and Permissive Approaches to Human Reproductive Cloning

Stephen P. Marks

Human Dignity and Human Reproductive Cloning

Steven Malby

Human Cloning and Human Rights: A Commentary

Carmel Shalev

Expert Group on Human Rights and Biotechnology Convened by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Conclusions on Human Reproductive Cloning

UNHCHR’s Expert Group on Human Rights and Biotechnology


Torture and Ill-Treatment Based on Sexual Identity: The Roles and Responsibilities of Health Professionals and Their Institutions

Simon Lewin, Ilan H. Meyer

Field Reports

Gender-Based Violence, Human Rights, and the Health Sector: Lessons from Latin America

Alessandra Guedes, Sarah Bott, Ana Güezmes, Judith F. Helzner

Police Torture in Punjab, India: An Extended Survey

Ami Laws, Vincent Iacopino

Using an Internal Reconciliation Commission to Facilitate Transformation at a Health Sciences Faculty in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Case of Witwatersrand Health Sciences Faculty

Tanya Goodman, Max Price


Back Matter