Volume 4, Issue 1, 1999

Front Matter


The Growing Preeminence of Human Rights

       Sofia Gruskin


The Right to Health Fifty Years On: Still Skeptical?

       Michael Kirby

Human Rights and Biomedical Research Funding for the Developing World: Covering State Obligations under the Right to Health

       Amir Attaran

The Road to Indigenous Extinction: Case Study of Resource Exportation, Disease Importation, and Human Rights Violations Against the Urarina in the Peruvian Amazon

       Richard Witzig and Massiel Ascencios

Implementing the Right to Community Integration for Children with Disabilities in Russia: A Human Rights Framework for International Action

       Eric Rosenthal, Elizabeth Bauer, Mary F. Hayden, and Andrea Holley

The Right to the Highest Attainable Standard of Health: Public Health’s Opportunity to Reframe a Human Rights Debate in the United States

       Carolynne Shinn

Human Rights Aspects of Transsexualism

       Gerard Niveau, Marinette Ummel, and Timothy Harding

Overwhelming Consumption in Prisons: Human Rights and Tuberculosis Control

       Michael Levy, Herndn Reyes, and Rudi Coninx


Mandatory Public Health Programs: To What Standards Should They Be Held?

       S. Jody Heymann and Randall L. Sell

Are the Marginalized the Slag-Heap of Globalization? Disparity, Health, and Human Rights

       Kris Heggenhougen


Publications of Health and Human Rights Themes: 1982-1998

       Amnesty International

A Select Bibliography on Health Aspects of Human Rights: 1984-1999

       Sev S. Fluss


The Center for Justice and Accountability

       Gerald Gray