Volume 2, Issue 3, 1997

Special Issue on the 2nd International Conference on Health and Human Rights

Front Matter

The 2nd International Conference on Health and Human Rights: Bridge to the Future

       Jonathan Mann and Sofia Gruskin

Opening Remarks

       Neil Rudenstine

Inequity as Violence: Race, Health and Human Rights in the United States

       H. Jack Geiger

The Prevention on Institutionalized Intergroup Violence

       Morton Winston

Reconceptualizing Human Rights Language: Gender and Violence

       Jacqueline Pitanguy

Sexual Rights: Concepts and Action

       Richard Parker

Activism for Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Progress and Challenges

       Sunila Abeyesekera

Implementing Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Colombia

       Adriana de la Espriella

Strengthening Alliances for Sexual Health and Rights

       Geeta Rao Gupta

Health and Human Rights: The Equity Issue

       George Alleyne

Challenges of Global Health: How Can We do Better?

       Halfdan Mahler

Promoting Child Health and the Convention on the Rights of the Child

       Stephen Lewis

Women’s Human Rights and Health in Developing Countries

       Mabel Bianco

A Personal Perspective on Human Rights and Health

       Simone Veil

Common Strategies for Health and Human Rights: From Theory to Practice

       Stephen Marks

Report from the Conference Rapporteur

       June Osborn

Health and Human Rights: If Not Now, When?

       Jonathan Mann