Volume 2, Issue 1, 1996

Special Focus: Human Rights and Health Professionals

Front Matter


Health and Human Rights: Broadening the Agenda for Health Professionals

       Jonathan Mann


Medicine and Human Rights: Reflections on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Doctors’ Trial

       George J. Annas and Michael A. Grodin


The “French Doctors’ Moment” and Beyond: An Introductory Editorial

       Anne Vincent

A Historical Survey of Humanitarian Action

       Patrick Aeberhard

From Solferino to Sarajevo

       Alain Destexhe

Ethnic Cleansing and Other Lies: Combining Health and Human Rights in the Search for Truth and Justice in the Former Yugoslavia

       Alicia Ely Yamin

Evolution of the Physicians’ Peace Movement: A Historical Perspective

       Ian Maddocks

The Health Professional as a Human Rights Promoter: Ten Years of Physicians for Human Rights (USA)

       Kari Hannibal and Robert Lawrence

Book Review

Medicine Betrayed: The Participation of Doctors in Human Rights Abuses

       Reviewed by Jennifer Leaning


African Commission of Health and Human Rights Promoters

       Djély K. Samoura


A Selected Bibliography on Current Issues in Humanitarian Action

       Anne Vincent