Volume 1, Issue 4, 1995

Special Focus: Women’s Health and Human Rights

Sofia Gruskin, Guest Editor

Front Matter


Women’s Health and Human Rights: Genesis of the Health and Human Rights Movement

       Jonathan Mann and Sofia Gruskin


Reflections on Emerging Frameworks of Health and Human Rights

       Lynn P. Freedman

Gender Health and Human Rights

       Rebecca J. Cook

The Nature and Scope of Human Rights Obligations Concerning Women’s Right to Health

       Donna J. Sullivan

An International Human Right to Reproductive Health Care: Toward Definition and Accountability

       Anika Rahman and Rachael N. Pine

Health, Human Rights and Lesbian Existence

       Alice M. Miller, AnnJanette Rosga, and Meg Satterthwaite


Beijing, Backlash, and the Future of Women’s Human Rights

       Charlotte Bunch

From Mexico to Beijing: A New Paradigm

       Jacqueline Pitanguy

Women’s Right to Health and The Beijing Platform for Action: The Retreat from Cairo?

       Marianne Haslegrave and John Havard

Child Beauty, Child Rights and the Devaluation of Women

       Paul H. Wise


A Selected Bibliography of Women’s Health and Human Rights

       Sofia Gruskin and David Studdert