Volume 1, Issue 2

Front Matter


The Opening of a Dialogue

       Laurie Wiseberg

Health and Human Rights: An International Crusade

       Marvellous Mhloyi

Conference Reports

First International Conference on Health and Human Rights From Health Or Human Rights to Health And Human Rights: Where Do We Go From Here?

       Nahid F. Toubia

Health and Human Rights: An Inseparable Synergy

       June E. Osborn


Disabled Persons and their Right to Treatment: Allowing Differentiation While Ending Discrimination

       Aart Hendriks

Empirical Dimensions of Discrimination Against Disabled People

       Aldred H. Neufeldt and Ruth Mathieson

A Human Rights Approach for Access to Clean Drinking Water: A Case Study

       Hatim Kanaaneh, Fiona McKay, and Emily Sims

Book Review

Why Are Some People Healthy and Others Not? (Marmor et. al.)

       Reviewed by Timothy Evans, BSoc Sci, DPhil, MD